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Challenger Corner Posters

Challenger is a training program for future leaders. The program provides workshops and trainings meant to help students develop their problem-solving, management, project writing, and creative-thinking skills, in order to empower them to solve the problems within their communities in a most effective manner.
To create the identity for the project and to promote it in an effective way.
How about avoiding places specially designed for advertising, and finding new spots for promotion? After all, it’s a program designed for those who like challenges. Eventually, we placed the specially created posters over various corners, in universities, on campuses, and around places where students usually gather informally.

Main messages: “Student today / Leader tomorrow”, “Causing problems today / Solving problems tomorrow”.Result:
The posters reached a lot of peoples' attention and, to our and organizers' surprise, all the available places for the program were taken ahead of schedule.