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The Little Englishman

About 10 years ago, when we opened our agency, we challenged ourselves to promote it „without a penny”. Our first action was to draw our logo on the streets - an Englishman with an umbrella called Mr. Piko. The little man appeared from nowhere in some of the most overcrowded places in Chisinau: bus stations, underground passages, parks etc.

Within a couple of weeks, the buzz around Mr. Piko has started. „Who's the mysterious little man?”, „what is he doing in Chisinau?”, so on and so forth. In the meantime urban legends were appearing, the photographies of Mr. Piko have spread with a cosmic speed around forums, blogs, and social networks. Soon, he was nicknamed The Little Englishman, was dedicated a poem and got on the pages of a popular street-art magazine from Russia.

And the most important, all this BUZZ was achieved with zero investments in media and promotion.

You can meet Mr. Piko on the walls of Chisinau, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Valencia, Amsterdam, Ericeira, Lisabona & Porto.