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Purcari Digital Label Interactive

To keep pace with the development of new technologies, Purcari launched a revolutionary Digital Label™.

Until now the world wine label design differed by paper labels, but now, wine bottles from Purcari 1827 collection will stand put because of the Digital Label™, 
a tablet containing a microchip.

The device is equipped with a touchscreen system through which consumers can view information such as wine and winery history, flavor, taste, food pairing, etc. Also, the touchscreen contains a temperature sensor. Thanks to its modern design, Digital Label will offer consumers an enjoyable experience.

By working with Digital Packaging Solutions™, a Danish start-up, we managed to create the ideal device for consuming digital content, and for consuming a good wine.

Digital Label™ will be produced in a limited edition and will be applied to 100,000 bottles of 1827 wine collection from Purcari.

This in an April 1st prank.

Screenshot 2018-01-15 15.09.34.png