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Vesuvius is our initiative to support emerging start-ups in which we truly believe.
We want to help them grow and conquer. Every few months we choose a company / start-up / artist and offer them our expertise, consultancy, creative solutions & services.
But there is a trick, a single rule only: you pay as much as you want, but we need your full trust and freedom.

[Due to a high number of requests we are not receiving more applications for 2018 ]


Want to be part of it? Get in!

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  1. Can we apply? 
    Sure you do! In particular if you own a start-up that makes something really unique and
    wants to change the world.

  2. Is it free?
    No, but you can pay as much as you want. It could even be 1$, 10$ or 1000$, you decide. 

  3. Why do you do this?
    We do this because we want to help innovative people that work on achieving greater heights and contribute to changing the world we live in.
    We honestly believe that there are a lot of brilliant ideas that need a kick start. We’ll be glad to help!

  4. How can you help us?
    We will offer design services, business development consultancy and creative solutions.
    We can help you with a new name + a new brand identity for your business, the design or interface of your website, a new strategy for foreign markets or even in making the right connection with the right investor or partner.
    We can help you gain regional or international awareness with your idea or product.

  5. How often do you accept to work on someone’s project?
    It depends on our schedule. Usually, we accept 5-6 projects of this type per year.

  6. What do you expect in return?
    We only need two things from you: your full trust and freedom in actions.

  7. Which start-ups have benefited from your help in the past?
    Some examples would be: RAMURI (Soulmates), PARANORMAL (Rift Time VR), Wolfbros, likeMars (First Media Group).

  8. How do you choose the candidates?
    We choose the start-ups that have a hint of uniqueness or great business ethics.

  9. Are there restrictions regarding the geographical location of the business?
    No. We are only greatly happy to work with someone from New Zealand, Gambia, and the Cook Islands or anyone from any other part of our galaxy.

  10. This is so cool!
    Yes it is! Now let's start working!